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~*Leela*~ [entries|friends|calendar]

Loganite Forever!

Show? Feel Me With Me Gone Runaway Speak? LOGAN
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LOGAN LOGAN LOGAN!! woo [Wednesday April 19 2006 @ 2:53pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Ok, so here's the deal. Tonight, you all have to visit www.logan-net.com and go onto the multimedia section and watch the countdown the the unleashing of their debut video "when I get down". The single is available in shops Monday 12th June, but I need EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU to go into record stores all around your area and harrass store workers to order in the CD Single and then when they do BUY IT!! Tell all your friends too. Do not miss this opportunity, it's gonna go down in history!! We want Logan in the top 40, preferably number one. Let's get rid of all this shit that comes from the music industry nowadays, and bring back true British rock!! HELL YEAH! There is also a live chat with the band tonight, in which fans attend to ask questions, and basically you can generally chat to people whom are around. You can also find this feature on the main site (see above)though you do need to register a username and password. Fear not friends, its free. LOL. But honestly, you really don't wanna miss your chance to be part of something big.

Ok, I think I got everything in that I wanted to say...so, I'LL SEE YA THERE!! If you do happen to be there, i'm rockchick_leela so do say hello to me LOL...

also, see previous posts for tour information, and i'll see ya there too hopefully! Logan are definitly a band of the year, although unsigned they heavily deserve it. I cannot express that more. So be there people!!


[Wednesday April 12 2006 @ 11:26pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Answer with 'yes' or 'no'.
Don't explain anything.

100 Leelaisms LOLCollapse )


LOGAN UK TOUR!!!!!!!!!! [Tuesday April 11 2006 @ 3:17pm]
[ mood | ~excited as all hell~ ]



Ok, so you know you wanna go right? Well get posting this EVERYWHERE!!!

wanna know more? well visit www.logan-net.com. Don't miss your chance for what is gonna be one of the biggest events of the year!! This is Logan's year, I know it. So head on over to the website, join the forums and chat to other Loganites, become a proud fan and don't miss your chance to be at a gig near you. I have other flyers / banners if you so wish to use them too.
-Leela x


Friends Only...Comment To Be Added! [Tuesday April 11 2006 @ 12:42pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Friends Only. Comment to be added. Rock the fuck on bitches! :D



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